The Team

Nalaka Amaratunga Nalaka Amaratunga
Nalaka Amaratunga Chief Artisan The leader of the pack and the visionary artisan who was also the cornerstone of the birth of ArTravele. With a knack for technology and making lasting connections, Nalaka is the definition of Sri Lankan hospitality. With his sense of humor and honest approach to business you are bound to find a lasting sustainable partnership in Sri Lanka.
Stephani Fernando Stephani Fernando
Stephani Fernando Travel Architect Being very much a part of the humble beginnings of ArTravele, Stephani has breathed in every essence of the brand. From painting the ideal picture of what true essence of luxury means in travelling through Sri Lanka to bringing to life the concept of ArTravele to support the cause, has been more than just a job to her. Perfect blend of artful living and showcasing the richness of Island life has been her driving passion.

Sarah Shi Sarah Shi
Sarah Shi Relationship Connoisseur Stepping into the Isle of Sri Lanka in the year 2012 Sarah was soon struck by the beauty of tropical Island life. Calling Sri Lanka her second home she was quick to traverse the isle and explore its diversity. Bringing to life the rich stories of Sri Lanka soon became her passion and she was found sharing same with many. Sarah works towards building lasting relationships amongst the travel specialists in China whereby curating magical experiences to suit every segment of travel.
Oshini Salgado Oshini Salgado
Oshini Salgado Travel Engineer A light-hearted life full of giggles is what’s in store when you meet Oshini. Her love for food goes beyond imaginary levels and you are sure to be moved by the power of her laughter. Oshini is a genuine artisan in creating magical experiences in every part of the Island, be it Sri Lanka or the Maldives. She is the Maldivian specialist in the team and acts as the product head for Maldives as her knowledge and relationship built with most partners in Maldives is second to none.