Discover Diversity

Our little isle is jam-packed with a variety of environments; all within a stone’s throw of one another. From cool tea plantations to warm beaches and dense virgin forests, Sri Lanka has something for everyone visiting! Take a journey within our island and experience the diversity of our destinations!

Commercial Colombo
Commercial Colombo An Island Metropolis

The central nerve of Sri Lanka’s commercial district, Colombo…

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Hill Country
Hill Country Cool breeze and rolling tea estates

Take a walk down memory lane and visit the Hill Country. Once inhabited by colonial tea planters,

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Coastal Sri Lanka
Coastal Sri Lanka Beach Induced Bliss

The best thing about visiting an island is the beach that kisses its coastline all around, making for a variety of beaches.

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The WIld Side
The WIld Side For the adrenaline Junkie

Majority of Sri Lanka is covered by dense jungle, making for a wildlife buffs dream. The country has many National Reserves and wildlife parks located around the island.

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North East Ceylon
North East Ceylon A whole different culture

With the conclusion of a long civil war between the North and the rest of the island, we now have free access to these areas, which previously remained largely untouched.

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Cultural Triangle
Cultural Triangle A Walk down memory lane

Our little island has a rich history, with many ancient kingdoms and monuments seen across the island.

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The Maldives
The Maldives Crystal clear waters and sandy white beaches

Dive into turquoise blue waters and bask in the sun for a golden tan int the isles of The Maldives.

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