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A Trip Through Sri Lanka with ArTravele

Aug 21 2018

Take a journey through the exotic tropics! Sri Lanka is a little island blessed with so many natural wonders. Yes, the climate in Sri Lanka is marvelous all year round, with the sun scorching down almost all year to heavy torrential down pours, perfect for sipping on your perfectly brewed hot cuppa’!  There are so many amazing places in Sri Lanka one must visit in order to understand the true diversity our island offers, within such a small distance of each other! Watch the rolling hills pass by through your window seat whilst listening to the slow and steady chug of the quaint colonial train. Pass by the glistening ocean and feel the truly slow pace of island life.

Our Sri Lankan beaches are world-renowned as being some of the best in Asia, from untouched coastal golden strips, to popular tourist beaches with heaps of activities to keep you entertained.

If you aren’t hot on beaches, take a cooler break and climb Sri Lanka’s hill country, surrounded by lush tea estates, a nod to our colonial past. Often referred to as ‘Little England’, the charming hill country is dotted with planters bungalows, built decades ago and refurbished to its original glory.

ArTravele caters to the exclusive wanderer. We understand that sometimes you’d like to experience something a little less generic! What’s more, our teams are experts in curating a luxurious retreat, whilst making sure you don’t miss out on simple, authentic Sri Lankan experiences as well!  That’s right we have scoped out the best places to see in Sri Lanka, off the beaten path!

So let us know what you have in mind, whether it’s a tropical adventure with trekking and hiking or simply some of the most romantic places in Sri Lanka you wish to visit! We have specially complied different experiences in Sri Lanka to titillate your every whim and fancy!

For the most unique adventures, we have prepared a short list of the top 10 things to do in Sri Lanka, just to get you started on figuring out what you’d like to experience. They are:

    • Trekking on some of the most beautiful landscapes, untouched by humans – a rare commodity these days!

    • Relaxing at one of the many rejuvenating wellness centers, to ensure you reconnect with yourself!

    • Embark on a bumpy ride and take a safari through Sri Lanka’s wilderness teeming with life!

    • Taste the diverse textural and flavor profiles of the various cuisines in Sri Lanka for all you foodies out there!

    • Enjoying the famous coastline of this beautiful island- we can let you know which beaches are in season based on your travel schedule.

    • A full cultural explosion – for the new generation of travel nerds, eager to learn about a different exotic culture.

    • Honeymoon in the tropics, this is a truly romantic island, a real feast for all the senses!

    • Bird watching in one of the many wetlands and bird sanctuaries on the island for all you obsessed with ornithology!

    • Visit an old colonial haven, surrounded by tea plantations that boast of the best cuppa’ tea around the world!

  • Sri Lankan festivals are spectacular, try visit during one of the many annual festivals seeped in tradition and spiritual wonder!

With ArTravele, you can be assured you will live out all your tropical adventures, just as you’d imagined and more!  Stay at one of our exclusive hideaways, for the most intimate holidays ever! Here’s your dream luxury tour operator in Sri Lanka that works closely with a portfolio of trusted partners such as Relias and Chateaux as well as Private Luxury Circle.

From the moment, you land in our sunny isle of Sri Lanka, ease your way into a pampered holiday of a lifetime! Come visit the wonder of Asia, an authentic destination that remains relatively untouched!

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