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Christmas in the Tropics

Sep 10 2018

If you’re tired of being huddled up next to the fire every Christmas, desperately looking for a respite from the blistering cold outside, then consider traveling to our tropical escape! Sri Lanka is blessed with considerably warm temperatures all year round, whether in the height of the monsoon season or dry spells too. Visiting Sri Lanka in December will prove to be quite exciting, as most islanders take the month easy to revel in the holiday spirit, a definite nod towards our colonial history!

Being a small island, Sri Lanka is blessed with a varied topography that changes in relatively short travel times. Take a romantic train ride that slowly chugs past some of the most scenic views of Sri Lanka’s cool verdant hills and mountains.

Choose one of our exclusive hideaways. For the true plantation bungalow experience, we recommend Ceylon Tea Trails! These historic bungalows were once the homes of tea planters, who arrived in Sri Lanka during Colonial Rule. Now revamped to exude pure modern luxury, whilst paying homage to their rich historic past, these bungalows will be the perfect way to spend Christmas day, in the relatively cooler environs of the hills.

Variety is the spice of life, so why not change up the cool breeze for warmer climes? Make the journey from the hills down to the coastline! Beaches in Sri Lanka in December are still warm, do not fret – there’s plenty to choose from, especially in the south west coast, which is at its prime during December. That’s right, we have many partner south west coast resorts that you can choose to relax in. Try out the luxurious Cape Weligama Resort that boasts of breath taking views perched atop a cliff over the Indian Ocean, or Anantara Peace Haven Resort in Tangalle, where you can find recluse in your private luxury villa.

Whilst you’re at it, we have a few experiences we’d recommend you not miss out! For the ultimate island experience, take the deep blue seas in a private yacht. If you’re lucky, you will encounter the ultimate whale watching experience, in the privacy of your own yacht. Watch the dolphins spin and play tricks over the glistening ocean and your December will be complete!

For the thalassophile, try maneuvering through the waves. Surfing Sri Lanka’s waves are widely popular and can prove to be just the splash of thrill you’ve waited all year long for!

It can be quite daunting to organize your Christmas vacation, especially when you aren’t too familiar with the island yourself. Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend hours pouring over every blog that gives you run-of-the-mill advice any longer! Try out a curated holiday with ArTravele, a premier luxury tour operator in Sri Lanka. Christmas can be quite busy in Sri Lanka, with the most exclusive resorts being fully booked out months in advance! Ideally you want to plan your travel right now. You no longer have to shiver your December away in the snow; you can take a tropical adventure with ArTravele by simply dropping an e-mail on!

ArTravele – Experts in all things luxury, picking out the most exclusive secret escapes the island can offer you! What are you waiting for!

Inquire to spend you Christmas in this tropical isle guided by our signature personalities.

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