Drive Over a Mountain, Chip and Putt under a Tree!

Nov 01 2018

What better way to spend your day than walking amongst the rolling greens with the smell of fresh cut grass wafting past you, watching the glassy dew cling tight to the greenery –  all whilst playing your favorite sport? Golf in Sri Lanka is a small but growing community, so its best to check it out before you have to queue up for hours to tee off!


Sri Lanka has seven main golf courses that are interspersed across the island.  Unlike other golfing getaways, you best expect to throw in a tour of Sri Lanka into your schedule for good measure. Travel times between the courses are long and it would be highly recommended that you give yourself a few days to cover your travel between the courses as well. This way, you will be able to grasp the essence of the land you are golfing in, whilst enjoying the game as well!


Don’t miss out on each unique course! Here’s what to expect!


Royal Colombo Golf Club

Believed to be the first course on the island established in 1879, this charming 18 hole course is nestled in the middle of the Capital City but seems to be a world away from the buzzing streets of Colombo. This is a private club, so you will have to contact your tour agent to help slot your game in!  However, temporary members are welcome, and can look forward to using the clubs gym and alfresco lounge that overlooks the picturesque view of the acres of greenery. This club also features a fully equipped ladies section, so don’t worry girls, we’ve got you covered!


Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

One of the most stunning courses in Sri Lanka sits high atop the hilly region of Nuwara Eliya, with an altitude of 6000 feet above sea level! As such, the balls accuracy and speed levels are approximately 6 percent, making for a rather challenging round of golf!  The 18 hole golf course is very popular amongst visitors who also take pleasure in the slightly cooler climes of the area. This is another private golf course; so don’t forget to book in advance as a temporary member!


Diyatalawa Golf Course

This is a course that is owned and maintained by the Sri Lankan Military Academy (SLMA) . Located in the town Diyatalawa, which is in close vicinity to Nuwara Eliya, this has now gained popularity for visitors who usually play at the Nuwara Eliya golf club too. It is mandatory that you contact the SLMA before you visit to ensure you have clearing to play at this 18-hole golfing facility!


Victoria Golf and Country Resort

This course is yet another popular one amongst golfing enthusiasts. The 18-hole course welcomes guests with a small green fee, whilst insisting that each player has their own caddie and ball spotter at an additional fee.  There are loads of activities that you can look forward to as well like cycling, playing tennis, taking a dip in the pool or shooting at the rifle range as well. This is a great location for getting to know the culture of Sri Lanka, as its located to the ancient royal capital city of Kandy!


Eagles’ Golf Links

This is located in stark contrast to the other course on the East side of our island. Put your game to the ultimate test with challenges such as sand bunkers and water hedges. The heat is no doubt going to factor in as well, since these areas are known for humidity, so remember to stay hydrated!  This 18 hole course is owned and maintained by the Sri Lankan Air Force, and will charge a nominal green fee and caddie charge as well.


Eagles Heritage Golf Club

The only golf club located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, this 9 hole course is sure to make way for a pleasant day playing a round of golf. This course is best paired up with Eagles Golf Links club as they are within relative close proximity to one another. This course is another maintained by the Sri Lankan Air Force so don’t forget to contact your tour agent about gaining access to the club!


Shangri La Golf Resort and Spa

Set amidst a coconut palm grove, this resort is the perfect break and has a great golf course to boot! The newest addition to Sri Lanka’s golf courses, this course is welcome to challenge both well seasoned and hobbyist golf players alike! The 18-hole course is one of the first in the deep south, so makes sure to catch up on some beach time as well!


To golf in the tropics is what dreams are made of, so what are you waiting for? Experience Sri Lanka, travel the varied topographies of the island and savor its diverse culture and play your favorite game! Make sure it’s a long enough itinerary for you to slot your traveling in between courses as well. Don’t forget to talk to your travel agent about getting your temporary membership at the private golf courses!

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