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Feathered Tales with Udaya Karunaratne – May-be Sustainable

May 29 2020

A new look at the world and travel during this lock down. With much discussions taking place on the impacts of Covid 19 on the travel industry, we at ArTravele have decided to talk to four distinguished personalities to understand travel life from their perspective and what changes they’d foresee. They will also be talking about their work towards preserving nature and wildlife and share with us few interesting tips to be responsible travelers. Do stay tuned to our Instagram page as we go live every Thursday during the month of May at 7pm IST through our special edition – May “be Sustainable”.

Having grown up under the influence of a nature-loving father and a famous naturalist for an uncle, it was only natural that Udaya cultivated a passion for all things natural. A hardcore camper from his teen years, Udaya chose to become a tea planter as his career. Going overseas as a tea planter he
continued to explore the outdoors combining his passion for bird watching and his love of the ocean by scuba diving. He is also a freelance photographer with a particular interest in bird photography and underwater photography. His passion for camping, kayaking, adventure motorcycling and off-road
driving enables him to combine most of his interests to leading a life of continuous learning of the natural world.

Currently he works as the resident General Manager of Palmyra House in Mannar. Every year, for countless millennia, birds of all shapes and sizes in temperate regions fleeing the oncoming winter have been winging their way to the tropical and sunny regions straddling the equator in search of food,
sanctuary and shelter. The northern region of Sri Lanka forms the first point of entry for these hundreds of thousands of birds of a great many species, and the island of Mannar and its environs offers ideal habitat for most of the species that arrive on our sunny shores. Mannar annually witnesses the entry of a large number of migrant birds such as the Whimbrel, Eurasian Curlew, a variety of Sandpipers, Red Shank and Green Shank and the avian stars of Mannar, the Greater Flamingo.

If you missed the chat with Udaya, you can watch the full video below:

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