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Plan Your Surf Holiday in Sri Lanka

Sep 23 2019

Surfs up! There’s a wave for everyone in Sri Lanka. With a varying level of difficulty, you can choose a suitable stretch based on your experience. From gentle rolls for learning to stand on, to tubes over shallow water! Be sure to catch a swell on your next travel to Sri Lanka.

Surf Seasons in Sri Lanka

Being surrounded by the ocean, there are two main seasons for surfing at different parts of the island. The main surfing season on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, is during November to May. Further up on the East Coast, the swells are best during April to October, making Sri Lanka a year round surf destination. The rain may make the waters choppier than most areas, but usually there’s calm waters on the opposite side of the island!

Best Beaches to Surf in Sri Lanka

There are quite a number of surf spots on South & East Coast of Sri Lanka

South Coast


Try exploring the Sticks, Kabalana, The Rock and for the more experienced Devils Island surfers.


This small fishing village has a number of great surf breaks to check out. Make sure to check out Lazy Right, Lazy Left, Coconuts, Rams and Plantations that vary on level of difficulty depending on the conditions.


The Point is located on the famous Mirissa Bay, with many restaurants and beach side cafes to spend the day at. Temples on the opposite end of the bay is also worth checking out!


Also a famous beach village, try look out for Jungle Beach, Taprobane Island, Beach Breaks and Fishermans to catch some waves!

East Coast

Arugam Bay

Probably the most renowned area for surfing Arugam Bay has hosts many international surfing competitions over the years. Considered to be home to the best wave in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Rock

Usually less crowded, this area can have quite a technical wave, when in the right season of course!

Peanut Farm

Close to Arugam Bay, this is another surf spot that’s also good for varying levels of expertise!


Mostly for experienced surfers. Watch out for the wind!

Pottuvil Point

North of Arugam Bay is a surf spot best for experienced surfers. Usually best between August to September.

Surf Schools

 There are a number of surf schools in Sri Lanka. With the help of ArTravele’s travel experts, you can be in touch with the best surf schools in Sri Lanka to get the best teachers and equipment. You will be surfing across the different waves in Sri Lanka in no time!

Surf with ArTravele!

 Book through ArTravele and we will curate a surf tour based on your preferences to give you a more fulfilled experience while you spend your time here in Sri Lanka. Whether you’re a family or couple, wanting to hit the waves but also treat yourself to a little luxurious escape when the day is done, then look no further! ArTravele with their brilliant travel experts and knowledgeable travel hosts, will deliver the ideal surfing holiday curated just for you.

To surf your way over the Sri Lankan waves and get your ideal tan get in touch with a ArTravele expert!

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