Sensescape in Sri Lanka

Oct 29 2019

To be present in one’s immediate reality, to be fully in tune with ones’ senses, is something that is no longer a large part of our lives. Staring at technology all day long, has made us immune to our own senses, as we no longer live in the present. If you feel like you are heading down this precarious road, make sure to take some time off for yourself to reconnect. It is so important every once in a while to be present and in touch with all aspects of oneself. Escape from the everyday reality of modern living, and take a Sensescape to our little tropical island.


For those of you looking to reignite the passion in your life with your significant other, try our ‘Fall in Love Again’ experiences. Put that phone aside and stop staring at Netflix together. Instead opt for a long languid stroll along the beach or discover the local markets together. Dine under the stars, whilst indulging in some delicious local cuisine! Take a boat ride and watch the glistening water part ways as you both go on your journey. How often do we invest in the simple pleasures of enjoying each other’s company? If this sounds like just what you both need, then take a holiday to Sri Lanka! You won’t regret it!


For all the adventure junkies out there stuck at their desk jobs, yearning to feel the throb of their heartbeat, we’ve also got a lot of experiences on offer for you! ‘Adrenaline Rush’ experiences can range from hiking through dense forest, chasing gushing waterfalls, rafting on white water rapids or enjoy the thrilling nature of the local martial arts, ‘Agampora’. Sri Lanka has large areas that are untouched by humans, making sure you can experience nature at its finest and purest form. What better way to take a Sensescape than be immersed in nature? Don’t forget your mosquito repellent!


For all you history buffs out there; sometimes there’s no better escape from the humdrum of everyday life, than learning about another culture, vastly different from your own. It’s not often that you get to explore a foreign culture that spans back over 2000 years! Walk through the ruins of ancient castles and learn about how religion shaped our country even today. ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’ experiences are for someone who wants to learn about different cultures and our rich history.


For some, a jam packed holiday is the exact thing they wish to escape from. In the whirlwind that has become everyday life, we often forget to take some time off for ourselves. You might just wish to ‘Reconnect with Nature’. If hiking up a mountain to take in the most beautiful views is more up your alley, then we have a bunch of experiences on offer for you! Take a safari and watch the wild animals in their natural habitat and be awestruck by how wonderful our world truly is.


Our island is a melting hot-pot of different cultures. Take a walk down Pettah and smell the various spices waft through the air as vendors call to you to show off various knick-knacks you were unaware you really needed! Sri Lanka is a sensory explosion and what better way to reconnect with your senses than have them titillated by an exotic journey to Asia’s biggest kept secret island? Try our ‘Immersive Tropical Getaways’ to learn about local cuisine, watch our traditional music and dancers and truly understand the unique blend of various cultures, religions and ethnicities that make our island truly unique.


But if all of this seems too overwhelming, try our ‘Relax and Retreat’ experiences. Take a long day off at the Ayurvedic Spa and make sure all your chakras and back in alignment. Try a hand at yoga or simply take a sumptuous holiday in the lap of luxury. Spend a day under the sunny rays at a private beach and reconnect with all your senses.

Every so often, we need to shower ourselves with a little self-love and relaxation. So whatever that entails, be it a whale watching tour, a challenging hike or simply a long massage, it’s so important to listen to our inner-most voices. Treat yourself; immerse yourself in a Scenescape in our beautiful tropical island and recharge!

Escape your senses, Sensecape with ArTravele

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