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The ArTravele Pick of the Best Hotels for Perahera

Jul 15 2019

The Esala Perahera in Kandy occurs annually 10 days prior to the full moon poya day, and a month prior the hotels start to fill up. A well-timed booking can decide if you will be having a stress free or a stressful trip to this magnificent isle of Sri Lanka. Many hotels can be found in the vicinity of the Kandy town, but the crème de la crème of the hideaways are a little bit off the general road map. Each hotel makes different types of travelers comfortable, for example the type of hotel that a honeymoon couple likes to go to will not be the same hotel a family would be comfortable staying in.


The Stone House Lodge is an ideal hotel for the couples exploring Kandy. Built in the early 1940s, this colonial mansion was referred to as the ‘Gal Bangalawa’ or ‘Stone Lodge’ in the colloquial language. Overlooking the beautiful sights of the Hunnasgiriya Mountain Range, this secluded lodge is ideal as a lover’s retreat.


The wellness buff will be happy at the Santani Wellness Resort & Spa with its bungalows with serene panoramic views and its expert wellness instructors who can make you float away stress free. Located a few kilometers off Kandy, Santani is the wellness retreat you dreamed of, with a valley ahead and mountains surrounding you nothing can compare the freedom you feel. Eat clean and detox your body with the multiple programmes available.


The new kid on the block is always one to look out for, The Coffee Bungalow with moving away from the cliché tea bungalows in Sri Lanka offers a one of a kind coffee bungalow experience. Its history of 100+ years is shown in the walls and the wooden floor you walk on while the brilliant view ahead is a sight for sour eyes. The signature “High Coffee” they offer is a delicious evening snack to enjoy only offered at this unique hideaway.


Kandy, the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, was after the fall of King Sri Vikrama Rajasinghe, has always been related with royalty. Kings Pavilion is a boutique hotel nestled in within misty hills and surrounding verdant greenery. Secluded rooms and an infinity pool overlooking the lush foliage ahead, this is the perfect place for a friends’ getaway.


The Ceylon Tea Trails being a Relais & Chateaux is located on the lush green hills in Hatton. Overlooking the Castlereagh reservoir, 05 stunningly restored tea bungalows owned by Resplendent Ceylon are yours to choose from. Only a plane ride away from Kandy Ceylon Tea Trails is the ideal family getaway with each bungalow giving you the privacy you require. Sip a perfectly brewed cup of the famous Ceylon Tea as you cozy yourself in the evening with breathtaking views ahead of you.

From a number of available hotels in Kandy, these are a few of the best recommended hotels to stay in Kandy and the nearby area, be sure to book soon before the rooms run out!

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