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The Esala Perahera

Jul 08 2019

The hill capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is well known in the past and present as one of the most historic and culturally rich city’s of Sri Lanka. Being the last Kingdom and home to the sacred Temple of The Tooth where the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha is kept. Once a year the sacred tooth is removed from its cradle and adorned on a majestic tusker who is trained for this great opportunity. This procession that has taken place annually for the past 2000+ years is known as the Kandy Esala Perahera.

The Esala Perahera is a carefully orchestrated theatrical event that includes colorfully adorned elephants sword dancers, fire dancers and so much more that portrays a perfect blend of culture and Buddhism in a brilliantly executed procession. The parade takes to the streets for 10 days annually prior to the Esala Poya Day. Full of lustrous pachyderm, gleeful dancers and various other numbers attract crowds from around the world and within Sri Lanka to enjoy and worship. Like most festivals, the Perahera is free to view from the streets, but expect crowds of hundreds with no regard to personal space. However, viewing it from above on a balcony or from a seat in the stands is possible by speaking to a travel engineer from ArTravele to curate your ideal package surrounding this incredible event.

The catchy beats played off the local drums along with the clear sound of flutes make a perfect harmony for the dancers to reenact stories of the Buddhism along with traditional dances for good harvest and a season of rain. The procession comprises of all ages, young children of 5 or 6 years old desperately getting into the profession or following the footsteps of their fathers and uncles and elderly continuing a life long commitment to the perahera. Regardless of the age, gender or financial status all partakers have one goal, to pay homage to the Sacred Tooth while giving a magnificent show to the onlookers.

Make your way to Kandy this August to experience this wonderful parade appealing to all your senses alike. From the smell of freshly burning coconut shells in the lanterns to the rhythmic beats of native drums and flutists playing there hearts out even the elephants enjoy. The breath-taking sites of fire dancers give you goosebumps as you witness sheer skill and guts as they twist and swivel along the road.

Videos and picture can’t beat the firsthand experience you can get by visiting this magnificent event, so pack your bags and hurry over to Sri Lanka in time to witness this marvel!

See this cultural marvel with the perfect blend of glamour

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