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Tips When Traveling to Sri Lanka

Oct 02 2018
  • Before entering Sri Lanka, everyone needs to apply for the e-visa. Every traveler will have to apply for this and it is granted upon arrival (except for nationals of Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles) For more information check, or simply check with your tour agency on how to apply for this.


  • ATM’S are found across the island, but make sure you carry a bit of cash for emergencies as not all ATM machines accept international cards. When you’re traveling around the island, make sure to carry some change money with you as well. This will come in handy!


  • Go North! Here are parts of the island that even some of its own countrymen haven’t explored. Expect untouched expanses of land with you being the only human inhabitant for miles. The North remains in stark contrast to other parts of the island in terms of sights, sounds, cuisines and cultures. To truly understand our diversity, one must traverse the paths less toured!

  • Sri Lanka has a broad spectrum of offerings when it comes to dining. Whether you wish to try out local delicacies, fine-dining international cuisine or getting down and dirty trying out a small kade (small eatery) for a truly local experience, we’ve got it all. If you wish to try some feel free to ask your hotel or your agency will be happy to help.


  • Bring your armor! Behold, living in the tropics requires certain tools, namely; mosquito repellent and sunblock! Stock up and come fully prepared come rain or shine!


  • Pack smart! Make sure you have all your summer clothing ready. Don’t forget a shawl, cover up or pants in case you are planning on visiting any places of worship!  If you plan on visiting the hills, a light jacket might be necessary, as it can get a bit nippy come nightfall.

  • Take it Easy! Life in Sri Lanka requires you to take a few breaths and slow down. Make sure not to pack your days with too much sight seeing, so you can relax in style whilst enjoying all the trimmings of living on a tropical island.


  • Tipping is welcome and goes a long way. You don’t have to dole out too much to show your appreciation to our locals. Some restaurants don’t charge for service, so make sure to tip at the end of a meal!


  • Be respectful of religion. There are strong ties to religion and its culture here in Sri Lanka, so make sure to be aware of this at all times. If you happen to have a Buddha tattoo, this would be a great time to cover it up! Try and refrain from wearing your trippy Buddha Tee in public, this if often seen to be offensive to our deep-rooted culture.


  • If you are vegan or vegetarian, don’t fret- the local cuisine is delicious and mostly vegetarian, although we do have many meat based curries, there’s plenty to choose from.  If you are traveling through and agent, make sure to mention your food preferences as they will ensure you don’t have to worry about all of this upon arrival!

Mostly, have fun and be open to learning a new culture. Try not to skip out on Colombo, although it might get a lot of bad press, there’s quite a lot to see in the capital city and is an exemplary example of the multiculturalism that exists within Sri Lanka! Happy traveling!

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